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U.S. General Officer Pistols: A Collectors Guide

by Kevin Williams and Dr. John W Brunner

This new book on General Officer pistols is a welcome volume to the collector and historian. The traditional badge of rank for officers was a sword. By WW!! the US Army began issuing a small pocket pistol that was considered a "badge of authority" rather than something they would have to use in combat. Although a .380 pistol may seem rather underpowered for military use General Patton did boast that he shot down a Nazi warplane in North Africa with his .380 pistol. (There was a 50 caliber machine gun firing at the same plane, at the same time!) The issue continued until 1972 when all inventories were exhausted. A special belt, gold buckle, holster and magazine pouch were issued along with those Colt pistols. In 1972 Rock Island Arsenal began making a modified M1911 pistol which became the Model 15. These were the last .45 ACP caliber pistols issued. Prior to the adoption of the Berretta M9, there were 410 standard M1911A1 pistols issued to General Officers. The US Navy and USMC did not issue special pistol to officers. In 1967 the US Air Force began issuing Smith & Wesson Model 39 pistols to flag rank officers. The volume gathers in one place all the known serial numbers of General Officer pistols. The value of these pistols is worth several times that of its civilian counterpart. The authors welcome any additional material of future editions of this volume.

Hardbound, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, 254 pages, over 250 photographs, most of them in color.


U.S. General Officer Pistols: A Collectors Guide $79.95 plus shipping




OSS Weapons II

This is the only reliable reference source on the special equipment prepared for and issued by the OSS during World War 2. Unlike all the other sources on this subject, this book is based on many years of intensive research in the original records now located in the U.S. National Archives. It is also based upon personal experience with this equipment while serving overseas with the OSS during World War 2 and upon information received from other OSS veterans with similar first hand experiences. It is also based upon close personal examination and testing of much of this equipment which was formerly in the author's personal collection, the largest such collection in the world. The first edition of this book is long out of print. Hardbound, 8½ by 11 inches, 276 pages, 165 B&W and 51 color photographs plus numerous drawings and other illustrations. Full color dust jacket.

Readers say:
"OSS Weapons II is an incredible book. What an effort. A masterful job of research."
"Indispensable reference work...This book is as good as we will ever get."

OSS Weapons II $59.95 plus shipping






OSS Special Operations in China

This is an account, drawn mainly from the original OSS records, of field operations in China against enemy forces there. It is also based upon the personal experiences of the authors, who were there. Hardbound 6 by 9 inches, 550 pages, 84 B&W photographs, drawings and maps plus color photographs on the dust jacket. Published here are photographs of an actual ambush in progress against an enemy column.

OSS Special Operations in China $34.95 plus shipping








The OSS Crossbows

A limited number of the author's earlier book on The OSS Crossbows is still available. This is the only available study of these unusual weapons developed for OSS use but actually produced in very small numbers. It is based on archival records and on examination and testing of the crossbows in the author's personal collection. Fully illustrated, it is softbound 6 by 9 inches and 160 pages.

Readers say:
"The book is now in high demand in the after market and brings a premium price."

The OSS Crossbows $24.95 plus shipping








The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols

The second edition of my book on The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols is now available. Profusely illustrated it is based on many years of research in the Colt factory production and shipping records as well as personal examination of these pistols over more than sixty years. Included is a detailed record of all of the changes made in these two models (Models M and N) over the 45 years of its production. Also included are the identifications by name and serial number of most of the General Officers who were issued these pistols during and after World War 2.
The book is 8½ by 11 inches, 240 pages with 226 illustrations, 100 of them in color.

Readers say:
"Outstanding! The color pictures are amazing"

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